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The forms below apply to all junior doctors and dentists employed by the Lead Employer Trust (LET). If you have any questions, please contact the LET HR Helpdesk at

Parental leave

Leave and time off

LFT training


Locum bank flexishift

Parental leave forms

Shared Parental Leave Form - Partner taking Shared Parental Leave and Pay

Shared Parental Leave Form - Mother or Adopter taking Shared Parental Leave and Pay

Shared Parental Leave Form - Curtailing Maternity or Adoption Leave and Pay

Shared Parental Leave Form - Consent for Partner to take Shared Parental Leave and Pay

Unpaid Parental Leave Form

Maternity Support (Paternity) Leave Application Form

Maternity Leave Application Form

Keeping in Touch (KIT) Day Notification Form

Adoption Leave Application Form

Leave and time off forms

Special Leave Request Form

Sickness Absence Self-Certificate Form

Jury Service and Attendance at Court - Salary Deduction Authorisation Form

Civic or Public Duties Leave Request Form

Less than full time training forms

LTFT Training Plan - Rotation (Stage 3)

LTFT Training Plan - Initial (Stage 2)

LTFT Application Form (Stage 1)

Payroll forms

Relocation application form

Employee Starter Checklist

Duty of Care Nominated base Form

Accommodation in Lieu of Excess Travel Application Form

Locum bank flexi-shift forms

Staff Profile Data Registration Form

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